Islamic Cemetery & Burial Information

  • True Islamic burial (no casket)
  • Isolated garden within Forest Hills Cemetery at 11890 North Dixie near The Dayton International Airport. 12.7 miles from ISGD (approximately 19 minute drive from ISGD)
  • Islamic Trust (Waqf) for the Muslim community
  • 200 graves with an option to expand. Expansion will be according to the initial purchase price and within 4.5 years
  • Total cost of graves is $90,000
  • Opening/Closing and Vault cost will be discounted and fixed for three years. Cost will be 10% less than the going price after the three years
  • Estimated savings of $1,500 per burial compared to current cost

Driving Directions From Downtown:

  • Take I-75 NORTH
  • Take the NORTHWOODS exit, exit #64 – go 0.2 miles
  • Turn LEFT on Northwood BLVD – go 0.6 miles
  • Turn RIGHT on on N. Dixie Dr – go 1.4 miles
  • Arrive at 11890 N DIXIE DR (Forest Hills Cemetery)