1. Preamble: We, the Muslims of Greater Dayton, Ohio, believe in the principle of La-ilaha-ill-Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasul-Allah (None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah), have pledged to endeavor practicing Islam as a total way of life that is centered around an organized community
  1. Organization Tax Treatment: The organization is organized exclusively for the charitable educational and religious purposes as specified in section 501(C) (3).
  1. Purpose and Objectives:

    • To establish and maintain one or more Islamic Centers in this community to serve as places for religious worship services and guidance in accordance with Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad that are based on the methodology of the four main Mathahib (schools of thought); Hanafy, Maliky, Shaffi’y, Hanbaly.
    • Organize and conduct educational, charitable, social, and recreational activities for its members and the community at large in accordance with Islamic traditions and values.
    • To promote goodwill, understanding, fellowship and tolerance among Muslims and non-Muslims.
    • To serve as an institution for dissemination of information on Islam; its teachings, and history among Muslims and non-Muslims.
    • Cooperate (and affiliate) with other Islamic organizations having similar objectives as deemed appropriate, by the Executive Committee.
    • The Society may cooperate (and affiliate) with other non-Islamic organizations in a manner consistent with Islamic principles as long as approved by the Board of Directors.
  1. Organization

The General Assembly, Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee shall be the main organizational bodies of the Society.

The General Assembly:

The General Assembly shall consist of all Active members of the Society.

The General Assembly shall be the highest organizational authority in the Society.

The Board: shall consist of Eleven (11) Active members. Six (6) members of which shall be elected by the eligible voting members of the organization and five (5) members of which shall be from the top donors to the organization.

The Board shall be constituted of the following officers of the Organization:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Executive Committee President
  • Executive Committee Vice-President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Members (5)

The Executive Committee, which is a sub-set of the Board of Directors, shall consist of five (5) members elected by the Board of Directors every year.

  • At least three (3) officers shall be from the six (6) elected members of the Board of Directors and at least one (1) officer must be from the five (5) top donors of the Board of Directors.
  • The Executive Committee shall be constituted of the following officers of the Organization with their Duties as outlined in section 7.2.3.
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Executive Member
  1. Accountability

The assets and liabilities records, accounting books, bank deposits and receipts, profit and loss statements, payroll, computerized financial records and inventory records shall be available for audit at any given time.

The accounts of the Society are subject to audit by Active members at any Executive Committee meeting upon request of Active members. Any Active member of the Society may present his/her viewpoint personally in the Executive Committee after prior consultation with the General Secretary of the Society.

New Masjid area 


  • Electrical work and wiring is done and has been inspected. 
  • Front Canopy foundation is in progress and expected to be done by the end of Dec.  
  • Masjid/upstairs plumbing rough work is done 
  • Heat & AC (HVAC) expected completion by the end of Dec. 
  • Fire Protection & piping expected completion by the end of Dec.
  • Gym electric panel/panel piping is done.
  • Interior Finishes, doors frames & hardware will be done by Mar 2015
  • Walkout & Courtyard Block wall area work will be done by Mar 2015   
  • Septic tanks/mound to be completed by Feb 2015
  • Site concrete work is 90% done   
  • Grading of parking lot & installing 8″ stones is expected to be done by March 2015 
  • Rear canopy slab and steps are completed