New Masjid


New Masjid

Construction of the New Masjid and Community Center in Bellbrook, Ohio is progressing, Alhamdulillah (all praise is for God). You may recall that after the first year of effort, we were just delighted to get approval to build the new mosque in Bellbrook, Ohio. We’ve come a long way since then! The outer shell of the mosque is now complete, and the interior is underway right now. We still have a ways to go however, and your support is as important now as ever before.

That doesn’t just mean your financial support, which, of course, is still very much needed. A mosque will remain bricks and mortar sitting on dirt unless there is an engaged community to fill it with brotherhood/sisterhood, learning, social activities and service to the members and surrounding community. Please check out our page which lists ISGD committees and chairpersons, and contact any one of our chairpersons to find out more about taking an active part in the ISGD community.

Thank you ALL for your continuous support in the construction of your New Masjid and Community Center!

New Masjid Construction Updates

Status: updated December 2014

  • Electrical work and wiring is done and has been inspected.
  • Front Canopy foundation is in progress and expected to be done by the end of Dec.
  • Masjid/upstairs plumbing rough work is done
  • Heat & AC (HVAC) expected completion by the end of Dec.
  • Fire Protection & piping expected completion by the end of Dec.
  • Gym electric panel/panel piping is done.
  • Interior Finishes, doors frames & hardware will be done by Mar 2015
  • Walkout & Courtyard Block wall area work will be done by Mar 2015
  • Septic tanks/mound to be completed by Feb 2015
  • Site concrete work is 90% done
  • Grading of parking lot & installing 8″ stones is expected to be done by March 2015
  • Rear canopy slab and steps are completed


Construction Schedule:

New Masjid Construction Schedule Dec 2014


New Masjid and Community Center Brochure:

New Mosque Brochure 2014